Balance Marketing and PR

We secure the most exposure and opportunity.

Digital Publishing

Digital publishing on request. Balance Marketing and PR creates entrepreneurial journalism and enables revenue streams through the digital media.

We create award-winning websites and maintain them. We also create award-winning content that’s current and compelling.

Our websites are indexed on major news aggregators and platforms.

Event planning and PR

Press and more press: Balance Marketing and PR plans events at major venues and can oversee and ensure a successful delivery.


Balance Marketing and PR secures promotional and editorial news articles and social media mentions in major media outlets, presenting your efforts to the world and getting notoriety.

We work with a range of the most renowned clients in entertainment, technology and tourism.

Our clients regularly achieve articles and broadcast opportunities in the top places.

Entertainment Bookings

Balance Marketing and PR creates bookings at major venues and then promotes the event through promotional and PR work.

Balance Marketing and PR promotes the events and secures advance press and media exposure to sell tickets.

Balance Marketing and PR also insures media coverage of the event and delivers the assets journalists and reviewers need.

Promotions and Editorial

With years of experience the staff at Balance Marketing and PR can get your featured product on the pages of the magazines online and onto the broadcast airwaves.

Balance Marketing and PR is an award-winning editorial creative with years of experience.